Phoenix Plate Shoulders - Thok's Discipline I

Location: Phoenix Gear I - Seleden Wasteland
Price: N/A

Sellback: 10 Gold
Level: 39
Power: 820
Craft Time: Instant
Speed Up: N/A
Description: The iconic and heavy shoulder-plates. The metalwork on this piece of equipment is of Swordhaven's finest, further improved by Thok's blacksmithing technique.

The Swordhaven elite veteran warriors are given the Phoenix Plate when they have shown acts of heroism time and time again. Following the first-ever wielder of said plate's impeccable example, Thok's example.

Offers both high Armor and Attack.
Set Piece: Thok's Discipline I Set

Type Bonus
Health +98
Attack +294
Armor +490
Crit +686


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