Pickaxe of Destiny Obtained!


Grunk (The Blacksmith): You did it! The think Grunk never did!
Grunk (The Blacksmith): You got the PICKAXE OF DESTINY!
Hero: It was a piece of a cake! (And a whole lot of pebbles…)
Hero: I guess now you can call me the Lord of Hard Rocks and Heavy Metals, Har Har Har
«(A killer drum solo shakes the whole Wasteland)»
Grunk (The Blacksmith): Uh no.
Hero: What?
Cave Coal (Rock of Great Destiny): WHO DARES CLAIM THE PICKAXE OF DESTINY?
Cave Coal (Rock of Great Destiny): COME FORTH AND MEET MY CHALLENGE!
Hero: Who the heck was that?
Grunk (The Blacksmith): Dat Cave Coal! The heaviest rock elemental in the whole Wasteland!
Grunk (The Blacksmith): You claimed the Pickaxe of Destiny, so now you got a challenge.
Grunk (The Blacksmith): You gotta use the pickaxe to chip off a chunk of Cave Coal's, uh… Cave Coal.
Grunk (The Blacksmith): Then you be the REAL Lord of Hard Rocks and Heavy Metals!

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