Pizza Hero - Night 5


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Access Points:


  • Transformations are not allowed in this location.
  • 1 minute spent in this location counts as 1 hour for the 'Night 5 (Repeatable)' quest.
    • All progress is lost by leaving this location by any means and entering it again.
    • If you die in this location, you will be teleported back to Pizza Hero.
    • The maze room is dangerous and kills the player if they go too far in.
  • The animatronics will eventually start roaming around and will chase and kill the player if they get close enough to enter combat.
  • In addition to the 3 animatronics, an additional one, Golden Bunnz!, can appear in this location.
  • Multiple instances of the same animatronic can appear at once.
    • They cannot be killed, so hiding away from them is the goal in order to survive.
  • After clicking/tapping on one of the furnaces in the kitchen with no more than 1 Golden Egg in your inventory in Pizza Hero - Night 4:

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