Playing with Toys


Sally (Little Girl): Would you like to join Dolly and I for a tea party?
Hero: Little girl, you shouldn't be here… Where are your parents?
Sally (Little Girl): They died.
Hero: Oh… I'm so sorry.
Sally (Little Girl): Me too. I guess I didn't love them enough.
Hero: Do you want help getting safely out of this tower?
Sally (Little Girl): Out!? Dolly and I are trying to get to the top of the tower!
Sally (Little Girl): But Dolly and I can't get that gate to open!
Hero: What's the test on this floor?
Sally (Little Girl): You can ask this floor's Necromancy Trainer!
Sally (Little Girl): But I don't remember where I hid The Body.
Hero: You… Killed this Floor's Trainer?
Sally (Little Girl): You're silly! You don't have to be alive to talk. Find some of their stuff and talk to their ghost.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): Ehem… Master? Perhaps you should search for some personal items and summon a ghost to tell you what is really going on here.

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