Polish (Cutscene)


Polish: You really shouldn't be here! It's very dangerous, you know.
Hero: Yeah, well…
Hero: A friend of mine says there's a blacksmith out here somewhere.
Hero: I don't suppose you know where we can find him?
Polish: Friend, there are blacksmiths in Battleon! I suggest you go there instead.
Hero: Trust me, I'd love to.
Hero: But apparently this blacksmith in the Wastelands is the only one with the skills we need.
Polish: I don't think you understand.
Polish: This is no ordinary wasteland! The barrier between dimensions is thinner here.
Polish: The realm of Oversoul is seeping into Lore, infesting this land wih all manner of Fiends and Mutants.
Hero: Of course it is.
Hero: Listen, I appreciate the warning. But Victor's not leaving.
Hero: And that means I'm not, either.
Hero: If you can't help me, I'll just have to find someone who can.
Polish: I see you're unswayed. A brave hero indeed!
Polish: I don't know where your blacksmith is. But I know who might.
Polish: Find Crag and Bamboozle near the boulders to the south.
Polish: If anyone has the information you need, it's them.

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