Polish (NPC)

Servant of the Light
It's dangerous out here! The veil between the realms is thin, and pieces of the Oversoul are starting to leak through. You should turn back now while you still can.

Tell me about the blacksmith.
He was once a servant of the archfiend, Nulgath, but that was a long time ago. Nulgath has been banished to the Oversoul, and hasn't been see in… how long has it been? Well, longer than someone like you has been alive. These days, your blacksmith is quite harmless.

Yes! The archfiend, the former ruler of the Underworld. One of the most evil beings Lore has ever seen. Fortunately, he is sealed away in the realm of Oversoul. The veil between worlds is thin here, but only minor, weaker fiends have been able to pass through.

The Oversoul was once a part of the Underworld, but it was cut off from the rest of the realm when Nulgath was banished there. It seems to be trying to break through into Lore, right here in this wasteland. Fortunately, the small leaks it springs always seal themselves off fairly quickly.


Note: This NPC is themed from Polish from AQWorlds.

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