Potions Discoveries


Theoric: Potions, potions, potions! Whatever you want, I've got it right here.
Hero: You happen to have anything besides potions, like a big pair of scissors, perhaps ?
Theoric: Nope, just potions!
Theoric: Got a fever ? Can't sleep ? Tummy rumblin' ? Then good news! 'cause I've got a potion for you!
Hero: thanks, But I'm just curious if you've seen anything suspicious around ?
Theoric: I see plenty of things thanks to my hand potion for improved eyesight. 20/20 every time!
Hero: I think you misheard me. What I'm asking is-
Theoric: My hearing is even better than my eyesight, and you wanna know why ?
Hero: Is it because of a potion ?
Theoric: One that'll make you hear a bird's chirp from across the horizon.
Theoric: Just one of the many potions that could be yours today.
Hero: This is giving me headache.
Theoric: Headache, you say ? Well, I've got a potion that will cure that right up.
Hero: Please stop!
Theoric: Whatever you say! So are you going to buy a potion or not ?
Hero: No…
Theoric: Then step aside, champ. You're bad for business.
Theoric: Potions! I've got potions here!
Hero: Well, this is a dead-end.
Gaz: Hey, you! Gaz hears you're looking for something.
Gaz: Gaz might know where to find it.

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