Power Amp And Sentimental Items


Hero: I found the power amp, Bud-E. The Xenoscythe Outcast did have it.
Hero: But look what else it had.
James McAllister: Hmm. Old letters… Photos of someone's family. An old, faded journal.
James McAllister: Why would it have these things?
Hero: I don't know. Maybe it took them from one of the astronauts it killed?
James McAllister: No. Xenoscythe don't keep useless trifles. If it has them, there's a reason.
Hero: But it's all just sentimental junk.
James McAllister: I know. If I didn't know better, I'd think this thing used to be human.
James McAllister: But that's impossible, right?
Hero: I don't know. This might explain why it was an outcast.
James McAllister: I don't like the implications, <Hero>.

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