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ApusApus: Hey everyone, Apus here! I feel like I need to make a clarification about the legacysmall.png after the misconceptions I've been seeing lately. When you guys see the small green rare tag on a page, it means an item is PERMANENTLY rare, NOT because the item has a low drop rate, which is what I see many people in game refer to as "rares". As for drop rates, we do not post a drop rate unless we have a specific source where a developer confirms what the drop rate of an item is. I hope this clears things up a bit. Thanks!

HarrisonHarrison: Okay, long story short, I messed up. Big time. The CSS the site relies on was all set to be… client side. In other words, only I could see it. I just found this out after launching the site on Firefox, wondering why CSS didn't load on there. Turns out, you couldn't load any of the revamped visuals, and this was a problem for some other players too.

So as of today, if you saw any major differences in site layout… consider this the "site rewrite" you've probably been hearing about. Sincere apologies if you looked at my updates and thought I was on something.

I'm currently working on easy access hover info on shops and monster pages, you can find the demo on the harrDV page. Please let me know if things don't work for you! Mobile users have to hold the link to see the info, this feature is mainly for desktop users.

HarrisonHarrison: hello visual update

⚫ Item, NPC, and Monster pages have all been updated to include a much larger tabview to support users on mobile devices.
⚫ World pages including Locations, Challenges, and Dungeons have all been updated to include the new image carousel design. Clicking on the far left or right of an image will now slide to the next image, and clicking on any of the numbered navigation buttons near the bottom will slide to the respective image slot.
⚫ The Chronicle of Releases has been updated to include larger tabviews and more accessible collapsible designs.
⚫ The naivgation header and sidebar has been updated to show more relevant pages.
⚫ List pages have been revised - a new page called Generated Lists will show automatically generated lists, which in contrast to Official Lists, will load much faster and will search pages that rely on the site's tag cloud.

HarrisonHarrison: Hey guys, sorry if things have been really slow these past few weeks. I just don't have the motivation or energy as I used to have before, and these past few weeks have been quite a bummer for me. I still haven't forgotten about the current side projects I'm also working on, but as of now it's going to be a little while before those get updated. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll try to get myself out this rut before things get too out of hand.

HarrisonHarrison: Hello,

A fix has been implemented to address an issue where mobile users on the Homepage would see 5 buttons in a row rather than the supposed 6. The button row should now no longer abruptly end by one. Apologies for any irritation and annoyance this may have caused (to especially me).

The Sorted by Level page has also been updated to include Level 21 items, as well as an improved navigation header for ease of access. Apologies for the inconvenience!

HarrisonHarrison: Dear all members and users of the Wiki,

As you may have known, there have been many rumors and speculations circulating the game regarding hidden drops or potential drops not listed on the Wiki. I can with confidence say that the majority of these drops are fake, planned just for the intent of deceit.

This is not something new, in the past there has been situations where certain users of this site would deliberately vandalize the site for the sole purpose of giving the site less credibility as well as deceiving users into believing false information with a citable source. As a result of the aforementioned scenarios, the Wiki has received an unfortunate amount of negative reputation.

Personally speaking, this is not something I desire, dedicating thousands of hours into a volunteer project just to have it badmouthed. Much alike any Wikipedia, any user is allowed to join and contribute. This permission however becomes an issue when it is and can still be abused by users with malicious intent.

Seeing how the majority of pages and edits are usually done by me as well a select few number of current existing editors, I no longer perceive any justification as to why new users should join the site given the fact that the majority of them do not contribute and would rather remain idle on the site. With this, I have made a decision pertaining to how users are allowed to contribute to the site. The permission to join this site has been temporarily revoked until further notice, which means that no one is allowed to join the site. Existing users can still contribute as if nothing had changed. Should there be a correction on a page and you are not a member of the site, you are free to PM me about it.

Please keep in notice that the AdventureQuest 3D Wiki is completely independent of staff or developer influence. Unlike the AdventureQuest Worlds Wiki, no one has explicit access to confirmed drop rates, drop lists, and documents with sources that confirm the existence of an item, monster, etc. No dedicated contributor on this site has the power to load items, load Dragon Crystals, any higher power you could possibly surmise. Staff do not play favorites with me, they do not personally contact me to update the site, nor do they tell me what information should be present. Once again, this is a completely independent site, and without this information, the Wiki will NOT list rumors or speculation without solid confirmation. This user permission change is something I did not wish to implement, but given the previous scenarios, there is left one remaining choice.

I am deeply sorry to those who have been affected by any site page that may have contained faulty information, and I am also sorry to those users affected by this change of permission.

HarrisonHarrison: It's been a while since I've made an announcement, so to make up for it I'll be doing absolutely nothing different and just be posting relatively old change logs!

⚫ The New Releases and Previous Releases have been updated to display much larger tabs to assist the struggles users were having on mobile.
⚫ The Titles and Exploration Scrolls pages have been updated to display larger tabs to also assist users having issues on mobile. In addition, image tags will be appended on each title to help users identify the potential prerequisites of each entry.
⚫ The Auto Index Module has been adjusted to be larger, mobile users will have a much easier time using the alphabetical sort at the top of category pages.
⚫ The Item Stats Chart pages on the site have now been fully depreciated as 31 days have passed. If you still have one of the pages bookmarked, please remove it and bookmark the new site linked below! The pages will still exist for the sole purpose of redirection until an additional month has passed.

If you might have noticed from the May 4th release, the animated tab now displays a GIF rather than a static frame of the animation for the star sword pages. GIFs are being tested (and adjusted to have that extra special loop) and there are 10 more to be uploaded in the near future. If you are a data capped mobile user, please be cautious of opening said GIFs (shouldn't be a problem for most players but), as it is an animation, expect the images to have a median range of 8MB per animation, the highest I've seen at 20MB. Please send feedback if you have any concerns!

The link for the new stat charts can be found below:

HarrisonHarrison: Hello again! The following changes have been made today and will be listed below as a notice:

⚫ The following tags have been adjusted and added onto the Wiki. Please familiarize yourself with these new tags and their definitions. You may need to clear your browser cache to fully see the new site changes.
→ The Guardian tag has been added in to indicate content that is only available to Guardians. You will now see an image tag which will accommodate said tagged pages.
→ The HeroMart tag has been added in to indicate content that is only available from HeroMart. You will now see an image tag which will accommodate said tagged pages.
→ The Special Offer tag has been adjusted to only include Promotional Items. You will no longer be seeing specialoffer tags on HeroMart, Guardian, and KickStarter pages.
⚫ All image tags have been updated to be more bold for all users to see. Additionally, the order of image tags will now be set in a more appropriate manner- item rarity will be prioritized first, than the secondary rarity will be appended after (for example, HeroMart) and then the availability will be appended last.
⚫ For convenience, the following lists were made to compliment the new tags:
List of Guardian Content
List of HeroMart Items
List of KickStarter Content
List of Promotional Items

Please contact me if there are any missing or untagged pages in need of a HeroMart, Guardian, or Promotional tag. Thank you!

HarrisonHarrison: Hello, I am going to make an announcement regarding the site's most popular feature. (This message is no longer pinned!)

Wikidot is very limited to what it can do. This limitation is unfortunately affecting the Item Stats Chart features we host on the site. It's not affecting the stat charts yet, but it will be in the nearing future.
As a result of this, I am highly requesting that all players now use the following site below to access these features.

Please familiarize yourself with this site, as the current Item Stats Chart pages will be depreciated and removed from this site in the near future.

In addition to this, I am happy to announce that there will be a new feature for players to use- the Stat Builder. This will calculate the player stats and their equipment they choose. This was originally made by Inverted, but was discontinued. I have rewritten the code and through many painful hours have updated the builder with all the current items in the game.

The Stat Builder can be found on the above site. Please bookmark the site if you frequent using the aforementioned features. Thank you!

HarrisonHarrison: Hey everyone, I'm sure most of you know what the site's gag is about. I will also be posting an announcement on this specific day so it's up to you to figure things out.

Regarding private messages, sorry if I don't respond to your messages. I have been quite busy with multitasking and improvising schedules on the go, so thank you if you've sent me a private message regarding a concern. I do read all of them and I do tackle any concern you bring up within those messages.

A few things have changed on the site. The favicon (the icon you see on your browser's tabs) has been changed from red to gold to differentiate the actual AQ3D site so you don't get pages mixed up. We've also introduced new directories / a new homepage to greatly improve accessibility on both PC and mobile devices. Most of the older craft shops and locations have been updated to remove the majority of strikethroughs and old information we had lying around to greatly improve the browsing experience for users who are not familiar with how strikethroughs are represented on the site.

In the near future we are planning to revise the specialoffer tag you have all been seeing on HeroMart items / promotional items. A plan to split the tag into two definitions was devised, HeroMart items will be receiving their own tag, and promotional items given away through giveaways will only be receiving the specialoffer tag, which will appear as Promotional on such tagged items.

Guardian only content will be receiving its own tag as well to further dissolve potential confusion users may have when looking at such items.

Thank you for your continued support and usage of this site!

HarrisonHarrison: Is it just me, or is something out of place today? Maybe this page has the answer.

HarrisonHarrison: hello, (late) change log for March 19th, 2018

Item Sets are now live, all pages associated with these set pages are interlinked. The purpose of this addition is to improve navigation as well as being a versatile alternative to Also See notes on the wiki. Please feel free to check out the SiteFAQ for answers to any potential questions you may have.
⚫ The Item Stats Chart has been updated to include Dage Birthday Gear.
⚫ Complimentary pages have been made to include the latest features added in to the game. The New Releases will now be updated to include said features, such as Titles. For all information regarding these new features, check out the Character section.

What's next after Item Sets? As preparations are further made for the upcoming shaman related release, plans to revamp the shop pages are up next. The new shop pages are planned to contain a new section for requirements, namely a section which totals the amount of all crafting resources required to obtain all the items in a shop, similar to the functionality Item Set pages have.

After the new shop pages are implemented, we hope to revamp the monster templates on the Wiki to contain Status Effects, Immunities, and such. As this may take quite some time like the Item Set pages, other revamps of the Wiki might occur before those new templates are up and running. I have planned a new layout of the Wiki's Homepage and a revamp of the current template for Location pages to include usage of dynamic image showcases (web carousels), and so forth. Of course, this is for the future, I have no plans to over exhaust myself or anyone else by doing this over the Spring Break. Regardless, we hope you all have a safe and Happy Upcoming Easter!

HarrisonHarrison: Just a temporary notice to all site visitors, that due to the vast amount of content presented today, there will be some missing links or information. These issues will hopefully be resolved by tomorrow afternoon. As for now, please check out the New Releases for any content currently published.

In addition to the above announcement, our Wiki Staff will be having a roster adjustment. As an AdventureQuest 3D Wiki moderator, this position a user has been promoted to has its affined responsibilities, and as a result we expect an amount of frequent activity for this user to retain and uphold this position.

All editors should interpret this as a formal announcement. If you wish to pursue this position, or are currently assigned this position, we obviously expect a certain amount of activity, as well as a level of competency to carry out and assist the Wiki during or after release times when assistance is required.

As of this announcement, we have an open position for moderator of the AdventureQuest 3D Wiki team. We are currently looking for editors with adequate experience and a level of frequency to maintain and update pages as they deem fit. Please do not send me personal requests or a resume; this position will be picked through circumspective means.

HarrisonHarrison: Hello again! Just a notice to all editors that Item Sets are being created as time allows. Due to how they're formatted compared to every other page, I am strongly suggesting that you do not create set pages yourself, as if something is incorrect and you're editing in bulk, I'll have to manually go through all your edits again, and it can be quite time wasting if everything is formatted wrong, similar to an incident that happened a few months back.

In the meantime, please check out the Tag Discussion for updates and discussion about potential tags. This announcement will be updated once the item sets are completed.

HarrisonHarrison: hello, it's the same dude with the same monthly announcement and change log

Thanks for all the support as of late, be it on Twitter or just helping out here. There have been multiple changes and there will soon be another major addition in the future, but here are the current changes:

⚫ In addition to last month's support for mobile friendliness, the top header has been greatly adjusted to be much larger for the ease of mobile users to tap. The side bar has also been slightly adjusted to be larger. The banner was in need of a dusting, namely the logo, so it has been dusted!
⚫ The Item Stats Chart for Levels 17 to 20 have been added / updated. Some minor fixes to the stat pages have been made as well.
⚫ The navigation bar has been moved around a bit to remove clutter, most of the stuff that isn't on the top header is now in the hover section of World.
Regions have been introduced as well. Instead of relying on the access points on most pages, locations are now easily navigated through the Regions page, and its respective parent on locations. Check it out!

And now, to answer some questions. Set pages. Are they still a thing? Yes, but they are not being prioritized right now; they are slowly being worked on in spare time, and they should be up as soon as the Ashfall 3 content are up to date. There's also been another Item Stats Chart category lurking around in the Recent Changes, and that is a Stats Chart based on item type. Yes, that is being worked on as well. If people are interested, fellow user Shiminuki is currently working on having stat totals beside items on the charts. After all these are done, Monster pages will be getting a respective update which will show their abilities, their immunities, and other attributes. Certain shops with requirements will also be updated to show said requirements. You can check this out on the DragonSlayer Equipment page (mind the item pages though!).

edit- ShiminukiShiminuki has done said thing and the category pages are now up and ready. Many thanks!

As always, thanks again for the support. Now it's time to sleep!

HarrisonHarrison: Most of these changes actually went live earlier this week, but it's (hopefully) never too late for an update post!

⚫ Stats on item pages have been greatly adjusted to be larger. On a computer the previous stat format wasn't an issue, but on a mobile phone stats and everything about the page appeared to be significantly smaller and squished compared to the rest of the page. To counter this, a line of code has been added to all item pages to make browsing on mobile a slight bit friendlier. A comparison of the mobile pages before and after can be found by clicking on these two links or on my Twitter if you still cannot navigate to it. This change is definitely one of the harder ones to perfect as even with the new changes, navigation on mobile is still frustrating. This is outside my control as Wikidot has no mobile friendly integration as well as it being far beyond my power. Please let me know ASAP if a page(s) start to break on your phone.
⚫ A majority of the missing pages and typos have been fixed on the Wiki. There are still some incomplete and missing information still, so bare with us!
⚫ If you have not checked out the Item Stats Chart page, all of the lists will now open a link in a new tab upon clicked whereas before it would open the page on the site page like an alternative dimension. The link color has also been changed to match the site theme.
⚫ Shop and quest pages will no longer show old information due to clutter and will be archived appropriately.

If some of you have noticed either on here or on Twitter, set pages are slowly but surely being worked on. They will be ready very soon (although it will take a lot of page fixing to accommodate this). Be sure to stay tuned and check the Tag Discussion if you wish to share your opinions on the upcoming tags to be implemented on the Wiki.

HarrisonHarrison: There's been an unhealthy amount of incomplete pages being made within the last few days, so I feel like it's time to address this problem. Making pages without images, item or monster, is fine as long as all the other information is correct. It becomes an issue when pages are consistently created without images or crucial information on their pages. All this does is cause us to go back to all the incomplete pages and attempt to fix it, and even then there are editors who do not use parents or tags. Please try not to create completely blank pages as well - the Wiki is not a race. You're allowed to create a blank page if you're returning to it after planning to work on another page, but leaving a page blank overnight is unacceptable. If you are constantly creating blank pages, your pages will be prone to deletion as this gives off an implication that this is rushed. Please, take the time and work things through carefully.

Other than that, we wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

HarrisonHarrison: Hi! Would just like to remind you all that troll pages and or troll edits are against the Wiki Rules, and doing or attempting an edit such as may result in a suspension of your Wiki account. Please review the links posted on these announcements and familiarize yourself with the Wiki's conduct and system. Thanks!

HarrisonHarrison: Heya! This month has been quite the busy one, for both the AQW and AQ3D Wikis. To those who have helped out with this week's release, thank you! It's going to still be very this upcoming week too, so I'd like to take this time to update you all with some of the somewhat subtle changes made and implemented.

1- We will be completely removing stats from all NPC pages, including ones on the Archives. They really didn't serve a purpose other than another tedious job for editors to do. So, if you happen to stumble onto an NPC page with stats, please remove them from the page.

edit- We're also (trying?) to add the secondary titles to NPCs (this is what they look like). If you see an NPC page that does not have a secondary title, please follow the example already made on the Dottie page and add one to the page. Thanks!.

2- There have been quite a number of mistakes being done on all pages since September. If you are a new or returning editor, please check out this new page which covers the common mistakes that editors may mistakenly make.

3- The navigation bar on the top has been adjusted slightly since things were falling off the page. Locations, Dungeons, and Challenges are located under the World tab. We also have a new category called Wars, which will include any events with war progressions.

That's all! If you're wondering what happened to some of the image icons shown earlier this year, they'll slowly be added when the shop and collapsible designs are changed into a more modern looking one.

rickyb20rickyb20: I'd like to officially announce that the AQW and AQ3D Wikis now have their own Discord server! This Discord server will be replacing our IRC channels and we will be discontinuing our IRC channels altogether. You can join the Discord server by clicking here:

Upon joining, please make sure to read the #rules-and-info text channel so that you're aware of our server's rules and any other information that may be useful to you.

My hope is that with this Discord server, we can create better communcation between the AQW and AQ3D wikis and their respective communities. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

HarrisonHarrison: Looking for PTR related content? All new and old PTR content can be found on this page. There will NOT be PTR releases on the New Releases page, as PTR content has its own respective page due to the nature of how they are released.

Additionally, you will also be seeing new and removed information on some of pages, specifically the Locations and Dungeons pages. We are always looking for and listening to new suggestions to the Wiki, so if you do have any suggestions, please let us know here!

HarrisonHarrison: Hello everyone! As you may have already found out, yes, stats have been completely changed and revamped, and the Wiki will need to be updated to accommodate these new changes. This isn't a great time for most of our editors as they are busy studying for their finals, so if you would like to lend us a hand with updating the mass amount of pages, we'd be grateful. If you are new to the Wiki, please go over our Wiki Rules, our Editing Guide, and most importantly our Image Submission Guidelines if you have not done so already.

If you wish to assist us with updating the pages, please click on this text if you are interested in helping. All you will need to do is provide a screenshot of the new statistics of the item(s) or edit the page yourself with the new information.

If you are still unsure about something, then please do not hesitate to contact a Wiki Administrator or Wiki Moderator here.

If you have a question regarding the updating of stats, please go over this forum post for more thorough information.

HarrisonHarrison: Hey everyone! This is a friendly reminder that if you are posting on the Wiki, please review our Wiki Rules, Editing Guide, and most importantly our Image Submission Guidelines if you have not done so already. If you are still unsure about something, then please do not hesitate to contact a Wiki Administrator or Wiki Moderator here.

HarrisonHarrison: Due to popular request and demand, I have created a new section on the Wiki that records all the old information on a page and will remove the cluster on current pages. More information about the Archives can be found here.

HarrisonHarrison: As we near a New Year, we are always welcome to hear suggestions to improve the AdventureQuest 3D Wiki for next year. Got suggestions? Post them here! We will always consider and read them. Other then that, we wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

HarrisonHarrison: The Image Submission Guidelines have been updated. If you are currently an active editor on the Wiki, or if you are a new member of this site, please read these guidelines for important information in regards to Image Guidelines. Thanks!

HarrisonHarrison: AdventureQuest 3D is finally in Open Beta! You can check out the New Releases for the new additions added in this update. If you are looking for game content added before the Open Beta, you can find them in the Chronicle of Releases.

rickyb20rickyb20: Updated the Image Submission Guidelines, read here here for more info. Thanks.

ShadowAQWShadowAQW: Hi everyone, welcome to the AQ3D Wiki! I'm pleased to announce that we're finally ready for launch! We've been hard at work behind the scenes getting everything ready and we hope you all enjoy it. If you're interested in helping out, please be sure to check out the Beginner's Guide to the AQ3D Wiki. Remember you can always contact a Wiki Admin or Moderator if you have any questions. Have fun and Wiki On!

rickyb20rickyb20: Hello there everyone. For those of you who don't know who I am, I am the current lead and head admin for this wiki. I am also the lead and head admin for the AQW Wiki as well.

To add onto what Shadow has said, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss some changes and some stuff that were made for this wiki that are different from the AQW Wiki. They are as follows (Please note that I will update this list if I think of anymore changes; these are off the top of my head):

  • There is no "Abbreviations/Acronyms" page. We felt this page wasn't necessary as there aren't that many currently. This page may come later on in the future as the game grows.
  • The majority of pages in the "Other Info" also do not have anything on them. The information for the Commands and Exp Chart will be coming ASAP, while the info for the rest of the pages in this section will be coming later on as the game grows.
  • The wiki's editing guide got a massive overhaul. Most of it is typed from scratch and I also incorporated the tags and parenting section, and the checklist from the AQW Wiki's Editing Guide. This should now make things easier for newer wiki editors to understand the basics. The "Templates" section is currently a Work in Progress and I will try to get that information up ASAP. That being said, templates should be pretty straightforward to understand as is. If you have any question about templates, please feel free to let a staff member know.
  • If you are familiar with the other Wikidot game wikis (AQW Wiki, HS Wiki, and the OS Wiki), you may be familiar with the "Thanks to…" line at the bottom of most wiki pages. This line was to credit certain people for providing information on wiki pages, and it came with its own set of rules. I'd like to officially announce that for the first time, the AQ3D wiki will be the first wiki to not include the "Thanks to…" line on its wiki pages. I've discussed this with the staff and we came to the conclusion that there are too many loopholes in the rules themselves, and the "Thanks" system (as I like to call it) has caused too much hassle for myself and the other wiki staff. So we thought it would be best to remove it for everyone's sake.
  • The IRC channel for this wiki is #AQ3DWiki, on the server. You can access the IRC channel through our Wiki IRC Channel page.

I also have some good news as well. The guys over at AQ3D Wikia have kindly allowed us to use the information they have recorded. Please feel free to copy it over to this wiki using our templates. If you are copying information over from the AQ3D Wikia, please make sure to check in-game that all the information is still correct. For location pages though, please provide your own images. And for other item pages, please provide our own images if the images on the AQ3D Wiki do not follow the Image Submission Guidelines. We are very grateful, and we once again thank the AQ3D Wikia for their generosity.

There are also a couple of things that I would like to ask of everyone:

  • Please do not record any old information, or information that has already gone rare (unless it is taken off of the AQ3D Wikia, and excluding the [[Exp Charts|[Exp Chart]]]). I will try to work with the AQ3D staff to see if I can get any information from them. I will also leave them in charge of adding any rare info if they wish.
  • Please do not worry about the Chronicle of Releases or about recording any other releases that have already passed by. Me and the other staff will deal with it.

Alright guys, after all that being said, we need YOUR help! As you can see, the wiki is pretty bare and is lacking a lot of wiki pages. We need wiki editors to help us create wiki pages. If you're interested, please read what Shadow has said above. I'm pretty sure that I've also ironed out all the mistakes, but if you see anymore, please feel free to notify a staff member.

That is all I have to say. Again, I welcome you all to the AQ3D Wiki, and I can't wait to start working with you all! Battle-on everyone!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License