Bush: Over here.
Hero: Who… what are you?
Bons-eye (Bush): Name's Bons-eye.
Bons-eye (Bush): James…. Bons-eye.
Bons-eye (Bush): I prefer my branches shaken, not stirred.
Hero: Are you serious?
Bons-eye (Bush): Serious? No, I am Agent 007.
Bons-eye (Bush): I am a secret spy!
Hero: You're a bush.
Bons-eye (Bush Spy?): Or… am I?
Hero: Uh… are you?
Bons-eye (Bush): What I am, is on a top secret mission!
Bons-eye (Bush): But I lost my License to Kale.
Bons-eye (Bush): Bring me one and I will give you a rare pet reward.

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