Pumpkin Lord Vines

Location: Pumpkin Crafts - Mystcroft Manor

Sellback: 42 Gold
Level: Required: 1, Scaled: (Your Level -5)
Power: Scaled
Craft Time: 3 Hours
Speed Up: 50 Dragon Crystals
Description: Living vines reach hungrily from your back, hoping to feast off of any enemy you lay waste to. Not only are these vines an excellent addition to your pumpkin cosplay, but they also are perfect for helping you evade even the most persistent foe.
Set Piece: Pumpkin Lord Set

Type Bonus
Evasion Scaled
Crit Scaled
Haste Scaled


  • This item becomes scaled to your current level once (with a level penalty of 5) when you obtain it.
    • This level penalty cannot reduce item's scaled level under its required level.
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