Quest Board

Random, Daily, and Side Quests
Help wanted signs cover this board. (To continue the main storyline, use the portal.)

- Daily Boss Battle!

Random Adventures
Got time for a quick adventure? Rune these dungeons and earn great loot!

- Go Adventure!

- Assault Keep
- Bothvar's Castle
- Doomwood Dungeon
- Greenguard Caves
- Wind Assault
- Yulgar Fight

Note: A random adventure is picked out of the ones listed above.

- A Gem Hoard!

- Local Jobs

Odd Jobs around Lore
Miscellaneous jobs are posted here. Get rewarded with Level Tokens for completing these jobs!
- Levels 1-10
- Levels 11-15
- Levels 16-20
- Levels 21-25

Crafting Rewards
Visit CYSERO'S FORGE to craft items using your Daily Boss Trophies, Battle Gems, or Level Tokens!


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