Questions For Robina


Hero: Tell me about yourself, Robina.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): My full name is Robina the Hood.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): I steal from the rich…
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): …and give to the monsters.
Hero: I always wondered how all of that gold got on them.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): But as a Greenguard Ranger my job is mainly protecting Battleon from Greenguard, and vice versa.
Hero: Do you know anything about Vane The Voidking?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Only what I've heard.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): They say he's come to this land looking for something.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): That Vane plans to unlock some great power.
Hero: Do you think he could be causing the problems in Greenguard somehow?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Maybe. All I know for sure is that Greenguard is under my protection.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): If Vane is hurting it, you can count on me to help you stop him.

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