Ready for Adventure


Twilly (Moglin Healer): Hello again, hero!
Twilly (Moglin Healer): Ah, I can sense the magic of the Teleport Crystal around you.
Hero: Can I really use it to teleport back home anytime I want?
Twilly (Moglin Healer): Yep! Seems like you're all set to get back out there.
Twilly (Moglin Healer): I got this adventurer's outfit for you. I hope it fits.
Hero: Wow, thank you! I feel ready to take on whatever Lore has to throw at me!
Twilly (Moglin Healer): Great! Robina the ranger should be right outside of town in Greenguard Forest.
Twilly (Moglin Healer): The rest of Lore is waiting for you right through the town gates!
Hero: Thanks a lot, Twilly. I'll see you later.

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