Rebels Are Ill


Zhoom: Forgive my friends for their hostility.
Zhoom: We've all been on edge lately due to a number of us falling gravely ill.
Zhoom: Though you did yourself no favors by intruding on our grounds.
Hero: Yeah, I can't say I blame them.
Zhoom: What is the purpose of your arrival?
Hero: I've come for your bow.
Zhoom: My bow?
Hero: Lord Sekt asked me to retrieve it for him.
Hero: As well as stopping you and your allies… permanently…
Zhoom: Ha! Leave it to Sekt to send someone else to do his dirty work.
Hero: You're not bothered about Sekt sending to attack you all?
Zhoom: I know you would do no such thing.
Zhoom: The killing of innocents is not your modus operandi.
Zhoom: Though I am puzzled with why you would align yourself with Sekt.
Zhoom: What did he promise you in return?
Hero: He promised to help me acquire the magic lamp.
Zhoom: What business do you have with the lamp?
Hero: I merely want to keep it out of the hands of the wrong people.
Zhoom: And whom do you feel are the wrong people?
Hero: Vane the Void King. He and his Voidrakar forces are after it.
Zhoom: I see…
Zhoom: That complicates things.
Hero: To convince Sekt that I was successful, I'll only need your bow and to ask you all lay low for a while.
Zhoom: Those are two big requests, my friend.
Zhoom: And I'm afraid my people have their own worries at the moment.
Zhoom: Many of the rebels were cursed with a magical-imbued snake bite…
Zhoom: Our doctor is trying to find a cure, but she needs further resources.
Zhoom: But if you were to help us, I would consider your proposition.

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