Reed (Old)

What are you doing here? I thought nobody came through the Heartwood anymore. Me? I come here and play every day while my parents go to work at the lumber camp. They spend all day chopping down the trees of the Heartwood, but I spend most of my days planting more! At least I did, until the monsters started to get all crazy. Can you help me?

My family has live here for a long time. Ever since I was a little kid, my parents taught me all about the seed and plants and stones and the animals of the Heartwood. They don't like the people chopping down the trees at the lumber mill but it's the only work they could get and they want to make money. They say that it's all for me… that they want to give me a future. I try to tell them that all I want is for them to help me fix the Heartwood but they don't want to listen. So it's up to me.

- Reed's Quests
- Heartwood Forest Intro

Location: Heartwood Forest (Old)
Level: 1

Type Value
Health 141
Mana 141
Attack 141
Defense 141
Dodge +0%
Hit +0%
Crit +0%
Crit Power +0%

Note: Also see Reed.

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