Reporting the Aquifer Issue


Hero: So I found the cause of your water problem.
Bobby B.: It was the rebels, wasn't it?
Hero: Nope. Turns out it was a gross monster mucking about in the Aquifer.
Bobby B.: A monster?!
Bobby B.: Oh, I see.
Bobby B.: The rebels probably put it there to throw everyone off their scent!
Hero: Or it could be completely unrelated to them.
Hero: Ever considered that?
Bobby B.: Hmm…
Bobby B.: You sound pretty sus.
Bobby B.: But you did fix up the water. So I guess I'll trust you…
Bobby B.: … for now.
Hero: Thanks, I guess.
Bobby B.: With the water clean again, the town should be back to normal in no time.
Bobby B.: 'Til then, I'll have everything covered with my Mama's handy-dandy, high-quality potions.
Bobby B.: You should come by anytime you need to stock up.

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