Retrieving Senator Adrias' Book


Hero: W, I need you book of Darkov.
ShadowSlayer W: My… How did you even find out that I have a copy ?
Hero: The lycan senator, Adrias, Told me that you have it.
ShadowSlayer W: It's important to know your enemy and there are things in the lycan version that can't be found elsewhere.
Hero: Like what ?
ShadowSlayer W: Like the prophecy of the eye of the night and the blood moon.
ShadowSlayer W: "…Whoever holds the eye of the night during the blood moon, will hold the power of vampires and lycans in their hands."
ShadowSlayer W: I believe that the eye of the night might be a reference to the darkness orb.
ShadowSlayer W: I also believe that this might have something to do with the Were-King's plans for the blood moon.
ShadowSlayer W: I've gotten all that I need from the book. Here.
Hero: Thanks.
ShadowSlayer W: Something Big is coming, <hero>.
ShadowSlayer W: I think all the activity around town has been a smoke screen.
ShadowSlayer W: I think the Were-King has his forces searching for the eye of night right here.
ShadowSlayer W: We must be prepared.

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