Returning Senator Adrias' Book


Hero: As requested, here is your book, senator Adrias.
Senator Adrias: Thank you, <hero>.
Hero: So you'll stand aside when Constantine makes his challenge?
Senator Adrias: What I said was that I would consider his proposal.
Senator Adrias: Only time will tell if it suits my needs in the moment.
Hero: I was warned about you.
Senator Adrias: You should have listened.
Hero: Adrias, what would happen if the other Werewolves found out that you let the ShadowSlayer borrow your book of Darkov?
Senator Adrias: Why waste my time with this? You have no proof.
Hero: I don't need proof.
Hero: A well placed rumor is often enough to destroy a political career.
Senator Adrias: Hmmmm. Quite true.
Senator Adrias: I honestly didn't think that Constantine was cutthroat enough to send someone like you, <hero>.
Senator Adrias: Perhaps he'll make a formidable Were-king after all.
Senator Adrias: You have my silence, as long as I have yours.
Hero: Who should I talk to next?
Senator Adrias: Your best bet would be senator Victra.
Hero: Thanks. Remember our deal, Adrias.

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