Returning The Darkness Orb


Guardian Romero: Greeting <hero>.
Hero: I've come to return this to you so that it can be kept safe.
Guardian Romero: The Darkness Orb ? How is it that you've come to posses it ?
Hero: It's a long story… but know that the people of Darkhurst are now safe.
Guardian Romero: And what of the Cursed Guardian ?
Hero: You mean Mayor Granemor ?
Hero: He regrets what had happened the day he took the orb from the tower.
Hero: To redeem himself for betraying the Guardians of this Tower and bringing war to this town…
Hero: …he has devoted his life to protecting the people of Darkhurst.
Guardian Romero: A lot of good that has done, hasn't it ?
Hero: Fair point.
Guardian Romero: Granemor's fate is inevitable.
Guardian Romero: I will ensure this orb causes no more peril to this land.
Guardian Romero: Thank you for returning the Darkness Orb to its rightful place.

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