Returning Wes


Anne (Rice Farmer): WES!! Is he alright?!
Lucretia (Apothecary): He was bitten.
Morgul (Necromancer): But by what?
Lucretia (Apothecary): There seem to be multiple bite marks.
Wes (Cravin' Adventure): Ugggggh… …
Anne (Rice Farmer): Oh, book and blade no! Not again!
Morgul (Necromancer): The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Lucretia (Apothecary): Morgul!
Morgul (Necromancer): Excuse me, Anne.
Anne (Rice Farmer): Please, there's got to be something you can do to save my son!
Morgul (Necromancer): Hmmm.
Hero: Morgul?
Morgul (Necromancer): Look, I need to get this Book of Darkov back to my Master. I don't have time for this.
Hero: Morgul, what do you know?
Morgul (Necromancer): Argh! There's a passage in the book titled, "The Cure".
Anne (Rice Farmer): !!!!
Morgul (Necromancer): But it's a waste of time!
Morgul (Necromancer): This book's full of dark, hopeless tales. Every single one ends in misery and suffering.
Hero: Morgul, that's the difference between you and me.
Hero: You've already given up.
Morgul (Necromancer): You think that being some sort of hero protects you from losing, dying, or worse?
Hero: No.
Hero: But if there is even a sliver of a chance of saving that little boy, it's a risk worth taking.
Wes (Cravin' Adventure): Uuuuuuuuuuugh…
Hero: So risking losing, dying, or worse to help someone who can't help themselves…
Hero: …THAT is the reason that someone as bitter and hopeless as you calls me a hero.
Morgul (Necromancer): You don't even know the horrors in the forest of Darkovia!
Hero: The horrors of Darkovia Forest should be more worried about me.
Morgul (Necromancer):
Anne (Rice Farmer): Be strong, Wes. Please hurry, <hero>. I don't know how long my son has.
Morgul (Necromancer): Fine. I'm going to help you save this little boy.
Morgul (Necromancer): Perhaps some long dead part of my heart wants you to prove me wrong about this world.
Hero: Thank you.
Morgul (Necromancer): But know this: If you die, I get your body for necromancy research.
Lucretia (Apothecary): You just can't help being horrid, can you?
Morgul (Necromancer): *rips a page from the book* Here is everything that I've got on "The Cure" but… it's not much. Enter the forest of Darkovia and find it, if it exists.

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