Returning With The Orb


ShadowSlayer W: You did it, <hero>! You actually have the Darkness Orb!
Hero: Yeah, but that's not all that I found.
Hero: I met the cosmic darkness elemental that is causing Darkovia to be in a state of perpetual night.
Hero: It claimed that the curse that brought it here can't be undone, but that can't be true, right?
ShadowSlayer W: Darkovia has been this way for centuries. It'd be a fool's errand to try and fix it now.
Hero: What ?! You can't really mean that!
ShadowSlayer W: But I do. what's done is done.
ShadowSlayer W: Besides, We have more pressing matters to attend to now.
ShadowSlayer W: If this town is going to host both the vampires and the lycans for a potential peace talk, then it's wise to make plans to keep everyone safe.
Hero: I guess that's true…
ShadowSlayer W: There's a ritual from the Book of Darkovia I can perform with the Orb that may be of use to us.
ShadowSlayer W: However, I'll need materials to perform the ritual.
Hero: If it'll ensure everyone's safety, then count me in. How can I help ?
ShadowSlayer W: I was hoping you'd say that.
ShadowSlayer W: The Vampire Queen and the Were-King will be in Darkhurst soon…
ShadowSlayer W: And after the coming Blood Moon, the fate of Darkovia will change forever!

NARRATOR: To Be Continued…

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