Returning Zhoom's Bow?


Rosen: Hey, Zhoom! <hero>'s back from the Vault!
Guildey: And you'll never guess what they found inside!
Zhoom: A treasure of some sort?
Hero: In a way…
Hero: I found your Ancestral Bow in the Vault. I figured you'd want it back.
Zhoom: My bow?!
Zhoom: Wait… This isn't my bow I gave you… It's a fake!
Rosen & Guildey: What?!!!
Zhoom: Yes, look. It says "Zhounds Bow" on the side…
Zhoom: Followed by, "Hahahaha… Sucker!"
Zhoom: I would guess that Sekt had placed this fake in the vault to confound ant would-be treasure seekers.
Hero: Awww…
Zhoom: Don't worry, <hero>. I appreciate the gesture all the same.
Zhoom: And I know that one day I'll be reunited with my bow.
Zhoom: What matters is that you succeeded in your journey into the Vault.
Zhoom: Thanks to you, we will have the means to provide for many who are in need throughout the Sandsea.
Zhoom: You continue to prove yourself to be a real hero of the people.

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