Revisiting Morgul


Morgul (Local Necromancer): You… actually found the Book of Darkov!
Morgul (Necromancer): As promised, you will be rewarded handsomely.
Hero: No. I want you to tell me what this book says about the Blood Moon.
Hero: Why are the vampires and Lycans fighting here in Darkhurst?
Morgul (Necromancer): Hmmm… let me read through it.
Morgul (Necromancer): This is a very old copy and it's been through a war. A lot of the pages are missing.
Hero: Great. A dead end.
Narrator: *MORGUL SIDE QUEST UNLOCKED - Collect Darkov Pages*
Morgul (Necromancer): I am able to tell you three things:
Morgul (Necromancer): First, the Vamps and Lycans both want to get their claws on an ancient artifact hidden in the Guardian Tower.
Morgul (Necromancer): Second, they need to do it before the Blood Moon in order to fulfill some prophecy.
Hero: And the third thing?
Morgul (Necromancer): That you are CRAZY if you are sticking your nose in the vampire and werewolf war!
Morgul (Necromancer): At best, you will end up dead.
Morgul (Necromancer): At worst, you will end up becoming one of them and ShadowSlayer, Vampire Hunter or Dread Hood will hunt you.
Hero: I'll take my chances.
Anne (Rice Farmer): Have… you found my son Wes?
Hero: I will not give up until I find your son. My next stop is that old Guardian Tower.

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