Robina (Old)

Greenguard Ranger
Steal from the rich, give to the monsters! How else did you think all that gold got on them?

- Robina's Quests
- Robina's Shop
- Zardscale Crafting
- Elvenguard Crafting
- Swordstone Crafting
- Shell Crafting

Robina's Tale
This enchantment is very important to Greenguard Forest. I appreciate your help.
- Questions For Robina
- Robina The Hood
- Meet Robina (1)
- The Mystic
- Deadtooth (Cutscene)
- Three Elvenstones
- King Sneed (Cutscene)
- Root Of All Evil
- Open The Shadow Realm
- Shadow Advocates
- Malek
- Savior Of The Woods

- Leafy Vegetables

Location: Greenguard
Note: The "Leafy Vegetables" button appears during the 'Taking Stock (Repeatable)' quest.


Note: Also see Robina.

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