Roland (Old)

Battleon Defender Knight

The force invading Battleon this time seems set on its destruction. Forget the buildings… save whoever you can.

Whats Going On?
Here's the story so far…

- The Void Invasion
- The Invasion Begins
- Battleon Burns
- The DragonSlayers
- Battleon Reborn!

Defender Crafting
You can use Defender Medals to craft Battleon Defender Items here. Higher ranks unlock more crafting recipes.

- Medal Exchange
- Void Defender Crafting
- Storm Defender Crafting
- Oceanic Defender Crafting
- Dark Defender Crafting
- Frost Defender Crafting
- BatleOn Militia
- BatleOn Defender Belts
- BatleOn Defender Weapons
- BatleOn Defender Helms
- BatleOn Defender Armors
- BatleOn Defender Boots
- BatleOn Defender Shoulders
- BatleOn Defender Back Crafting

- 2017 Frostval Collection
- Guardian Defender Token Shop
- Roland's Quests
- Frostlorn Raiders


Note: Also see Roland.

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