Rosalia Thanks You

Locations/Replays: Westmere Barn

Rosalia (Westmere Villager): Thank you!
Hero: What was that?
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): I don't know. I thought you and THYTON could tell us.
Hero: Thyton?
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): He showed up in Westmere right as those things did and saved most of us.
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): I've never seen anyone move so fast.
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): We owe him our lives. I assumed you were with him.
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): If he's still out there…
Hero: Stay here. It should be safe now.
Hero: I'll go look for THYTON.

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