Royal Atlantean Daggers II

Location: Atlantean Armaments Upgrades - Atlantis (Location)
Price: N/A

Sellback: 10 Gold
Level: 41
Power: 840
Craft Time: 10 Minutes
Speed Up: 50 Dragon Crystals
Description: Small Atlantean blades that are often carried by nobels for personal defense.

Specially fast in combat, higly increasing your Haste, while still keeping your offensive power intact. Improved upon by the use of Sunken Seashells.

These paired daggers allow for faster attack speed of the user, like no other weapon offers.

Set Piece: Royal Atlantean Set

Type Bonus
Health +532
Attack +1,595
Crit +568
Haste +709

Note: Used to craft Royal Atlantean Daggers III

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