Royal Atlantean Sword III

Location: Atlantean Armaments Upgrades II - Atlantis (Location)
Price: N/A

Sellback: 20 Gold
Level: 42
Power: 880
Craft Time: 15 Minutes
Speed Up: 100 Dragon Crystals
Description: A regal sword wielded by Atlantean nobels.

Balanced blade even futher improves by the use of Damage Royal Seashells. You understand that this blade wont't excel much at anything in particular, except it's impecable balance. You feel your weakness being strongly covered by just having this powerful armament alongside your

If this amount of balanced power is what Damaged Royal Shells allow. Only imagine how more powerful and perfected fully intact Royal Seashell will offer.

Set Piece: Royal Atlantean Set

Type Bonus
Health +835
Attack +1,669
Crit +752
Haste +752

Note: Used to craft Royal Atlantean Sword IV.

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