Special Goods Merchant
Greetings! Looking for that extra special outfit for just the occasion?

Lunar New Year Festival seasonalsmall.png
It's that beautiful time of the year again, where citizens all around Lore celebrate their good fortune and prosperity!
I've just received another shipment of goods form across the seas!

Mooblight Biscuits
Did you know? Moonlight Biscuits are a treat that are only available during the Lunar New Year season! I've heard tales that only those denizens who bathe in perpetual moonlight receive these during this time of year, when the moon is at its brightest…
If you can find me some, I have some special goods to trade!
- Moonlight Shop
- Lucky Envelope!
- Very Lucky Envelope!
- A Strange Paper Talisman

- Lunar New Year Shop
- The Porcelain Tiger
- The Porcelain Tiger
- The Legendary Ren Yin
- Dragonscale Guardian guardiansmall.png

- Speciality Items
- Wedding Shop


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