Safiria Reborn


Hero: Drachus! Stop!

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): We know what you're trying to do!

King Drachus (Vampire King): It's too late, Vlad.
King Drachus (Vampire King): She who came first… the Queen… is reborn.

«Scene: The coffin shakes and Safiria emerges out of the coffin»

Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): What…. I was… I can't…

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Safiria, my wife, can you hear me?

King Drachus (Vampire King): Don't concern yourself with her, boy.
King Drachus (Vampire King): Her soul is ancient but she is a freshly made vampire.
King Drachus (Vampire King): She's weak. Confused. Too hungry to use her vast power.
King Drachus (Vampire King): Soon I will drain her life force and all of her ancient power will flow into me.

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Father, how could you do that to my bride? To me?

King Drachus (Vampire King): You little fool. This was why I made you.

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): What?!

King Drachus (Vampire King): I'm an immortal. Why would I need an heir?
King Drachus (Vampire King): I discovered the prophecy of her return from the Lycan's Book of Darkov.
King Drachus (Vampire King): Safiria's mortal reincarnation had to become vampire royalty… had to marry a vampire noble.
King Drachus (Vampire King): I made you, shaped you, gave you a tender heart…
King Drachus (Vampire King): … All so that when Granemore's adopted daughter couldn't help but fall in love with you and you with her.
King Drachus (Vampire King): You played your part brilliantly.
King Drachus (Vampire King): You were the bait and now the catch is mine to feast on.

Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): … Vlad? VLAD?!

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): I'm… I'm here, love.

Hero: Vlad, protect her.
Hero: I'll handle your father.

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