Safiria's Story


Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): STOP!
Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): What are you doing?

Hero: Rescuing… you?

Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): …by killing my finance!?

Hero: Fiance? You're the one getting married to to the vampire Prince?

Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): Yes… Prince Vlad is my betrothed. My one true love.
Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): Besides, if I were in danger I'm more than capable of rescuing myself.
Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): And as for you YOU

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Yes, my love?

Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): I would die before I would let someone take me from your side.
Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): I don't need you to fight my battles for me.

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): This is why I fell in love with you.

Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): I tried to tell my father about Vlad but he wouldn't listen, so I left.

Hero: Then… what about your brother?

Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): Bram? What about him?

Hero: The mayor asked me to rescue both of you.
Hero: Bram was taken by the werewolves.

Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Those THINGS have her brother?
Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Safiria, they might be trying to use him as leverage to control you once you're the vampire Princess.
Prince Vlad (Vampire Prince): Do you want to postpone the wedding?

Safiria (Mayor's Daughter):
Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): No. This union could bring peace to the humans and vampires of Darkovia.
Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): … And I won't let anything ruin our happiness.
Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): <hero>, You must go back and tell father that I'm alright…
Safiria (Mayor's Daughter): … And ask for his blessing. It would mean the world to me.

Hero: Very well, Safiria.

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