Savior Of The Woods


Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Whatever you did, I think it worked.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): There was a flash and I actually SAW the magic for a second.
Hero: Someone was messing with the crystal… Grimsbane.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Malek Grimsbane?! I heard he retired after his family died.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Why would he interfere with the Greenguard protection spell?
Hero: I'm not sure. He said it was for the good of all Lore.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): All that matters is that you fixed the enchantment.
Hero: Not exactly. The damage to the spell was already done.
Hero: At least it shouldn't get any worse than it is now.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): As long as Battleon has heroes like you, we'll be fine.
Hero: Is there anything else I can do?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Actually, there is one more thing.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Reed in the Heartwood has asked for help.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): He's a good kid. I'd help him but I think I'll be pretty busy here.
Hero: I'll go talk to him.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): See ya around, <Hero>. Thanks for all the help.

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