Scaling System

Introduction to Scaling System

Scaling has a purpose to balance the Player and Monster stats making adjustments for high experienced players and welcoming new players without worrying for level or gear difference for areas that has a quest progression on the storyline. Event areas receives the same treatment to complete the content available present. The scaling has a relevance for each category presented on the game sharing a connection to "Power" rating giving a advice to the player for better item present, dropped or equipped.
Equip Best automatically equips the highest power item when clicked and alerts the player when underpowered to his current level and equipment having stats lower showing an 'Recommended Power' of the gear currently equipped.

A Power has an increase depending on the rarity of the item. This means if the same weapon has different rarities each rarity will have a different power and stats.
Power and Stats varies causing not being accurate at all times; decisions are made during the development phase happening different values that can have an increase or decrease during the final decision.
The Power value has a calculation for a '(Level x Item Power Per Level (20)) + Rarity Bonus'.

The Rarity Bonus decides if the item will be strong or weaker than his Original Value:

  • A Junk item has a -2 Penalty Level and has a -40 Rarity Bonus.
  • A Common item has a -1 Penalty Level and has a -20 Rarity Bonus.
  • A Uncommon item has No Bonus Level and has a 0 Rarity Bonus.
  • A Rare item has an +1 Bonus Level and has a +20 Rarity Bonus.
  • A Epic item has a +2 Bonus Level and has a +40 Rarity Bonus.
  • A Legendary item has a +3 Bonus Level and has a +60 Rarity Bonus.

Scaling Mechanics

The Scaling has different mechanics to Player, Monster and Quest. They work the same way as the rest of the Scaling System having slightly differences to in-game mechanics:


  • Player's stats gets changed overall preserving the original stats before entering at the scaled area (Current Gear).
    • Summoned monsters by the player gets affected by the current scaled area.


  • Entry lobbies with an interface has an option to access scaled or unscaled areas; granting two different versions of the same monster, one with normal stats and other with stats scaled based on the player's current level.


  • Adjustments for Monsters stats can have an increase or decrease depending the area and the type of the monster (Normal Monster or Boss).
    • Different Scaling can be applied to Monsters:
      • Scales with the current Party Members present.
      • The same as the Current Player Level with the possibility to be below or above the Current Level.
      • Live Event: Drop, Level and Stats are decided by the developers having an constant variation.


  • Quests Rewards (EXP and Gold) and Items (Pieces of Gear) can be scaled and are based on your Current Level + Penalty.
    • Rewards and Items gets scaled at the same time when a Player Level Increase with an Penalty applied.
      • Items becomes scaled to your current level once when you obtain it.
      • Same similarity for shops and drops are applied to Items from quests as reward. (Non-Scaled and Scaled).

Scaling Functionality to Shops

Shops gets scaled at the same time when the Player has an Level Increase. Increasing endlessly until the player reaches the current Level Cap.

  • An item becomes scaled to your current level when you first obtain the item. This means after first purchase or crafting and reaching a new level the equipment will not change when at your inventory or crafting section or at the bank and the shop will have a level increase on his restriction. Meaning each time a Level Cap gets increased and the Player reached the New Level, needs to re-purchase or re-craft the same item to get the new increased stats.
    • The item cannot be scaled below the required level, first time reaching the required the level remains non-scaled, and reaching far the required level a penalty starts appearing based on the Player Current Level minus the level penalty applied on the shop (-1, -2, -3, etc).

Crafting Shops are affected by the scaling most of the time, having an minimum level limit to an endlessly increase to the current Level Cap:

Scaling Functionality to Power Variation

Power Variation shows at the side of the equipment name to indicate his Power Level relative to its Base Stats. Giving different Stats Value making it 'Stronger' or 'Weaker'. The Variation can happen to:

  • Items dropped specifically from monsters (non-scaled and scaled) that drops Equipments.
  • Directly Crafted or Purchased from a shop that already has an fixed Value without any variation.

The Power variation can happen to any level and can possibly have an increase to his Original Value up to +20 additionally:


Items susceptible for infusion can be identified a occurrence to power variation between his Original Value up to +20, with some restrictions applied to weapons designed for the current maximum level. Check Item Infusion for more information.

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