Scissors Closed


Winnie: You're back! Did you find out who took my scissors?
Hero: I did, but it's best if I let them do the talking for themselves.
Winnie: Wait— Mustang and Theoric ?
Theoric: Yeah, it was us.
Mustang: We wanted to surprise you with this gift.
*Mustang hands Winnie her scissors enclosed in a decorative sheath.*
Winnie: Oh, Wow. It's beautiful! It's like my scissors are wearing a tiny tailored suit!
Mustang: Exactly!
Winnie: But did you really have to swipe my scissors while I was away ?
Winnie: That's not the kind of surprise someone would want on their birthday.
Mustang: Yeah, this whole thing really got away from us.
Theoric: We wanted to do something nice for you since you're always going above and beyond for everyone in town.
Mustang: You're one of a kind and a big part of what makes Battleon such a great place.
Winnie: Thanks, you guys. That's really sweet of you to say.
Winnie: And thank you, <hero>. You really helped make this birthday a memorable one.
Hero: You're very welcome. Happy Birthday, Winnie!

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