Screaming Woods (Cutscene)


Hero: Where does this dock go?
Greava: It goes into the water.
Hero: I can see that.
Greava: Then why did you ask?
Hero: I mean, are there boats that travel to and from here?
Greava: There was, once. I used to ferry people from here to the island over there and guide them through the Screaming Woods.
Hero: C h a r m i n g n a m e . Y o u d o n ' t a n y m o r e ?
Greava: The last time I went over there I barely made it back to my boat, then roots shot out of the water and pulled it under.
Greava: I had to swim back. That sucked.
Hero: S o y o u p u t t h a t p o r t a l t h e r e i n s t e a d ?
Greava: No. That's always been there.
Greava: I like rowing. It's good exercise.

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