Scurvy's Ship Becalming Story


Scurvy (Pirate Moglin): One time me ship was becalmed for two weeks.
Scurvy (Pirate Moglin): Not a lick of wind to fill the sails. We was on the verge of starvation.
Scurvy (Pirate Moglin): So I came up with the idea of getting the whole crew to blow at the sails all at once.
Scurvy (Pirate Moglin): We cheered as we sailed into port but nobody wanted to come near us after that.
Scurvy (Pirate Moglin): The whole ship and crew stank like pirate breath.
Scurvy (Pirate Moglin): After scrubbing the ship and bathing for a week, we all decided to start carrying mints.

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