Secret Chest

A Treasure Chest
A note on the chest reads…

"My, my… quite the little jumper you are. Never thought anyone would actually look up here. If you can figure out how to open this, then you truly deserve what is inside."

Open it!
The lid is stuck! There must be some other way to open this chest.

Look at the Chest
"Hey! Eyes up here." The chest is not locked, but something is preventing the lid from opening. What will you do?

Kick it
You kick the chest with all of your might! "OUCH!", you say as you hold your foot and regret your choice of footwear. Perhaps you should buy some new boots in the town of Battleon.
Ask it nicely?
You ask the chest nicely, "Please open? Pleeeease?" But nothing happens. Well, other than your overwhelming feeling of embarrassment.
Shake it
You violently shake the chest. You feel something move inside. Maybe the treasure inside is caught on the lid? What will you do?

Turn it on its side
You can feel something is stuck to the lid inside the box. You spend a moment turning the chest side to side. But every time you "think" you got it… whatever it is falls right back into place! So frustrating!
Shake it harder!
You shake it the chest like you are making a moglinberrry milkshake! you must be one of those warrior types. The sort that thinks you can just smash, crush, and shake your way out of any situation, right? Who am I to judge. It is your funeral. (Wait, you were already dead.)

You shake the box with vengeful frustration until "KER-CLIP-PLOP!"… something moved. Wow, it actually worked?
The lid is no longer stuck.
- Open Chest!

Flip it upside down
You flip the chest upside down. Something seemed to move! Wait… oh man. No. Not good. The lid is stuck even worse than before!

Note: Previously called "Soldier's Treasure Chest NPC".

Location: Heroes Bend

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