DragonSlayer Quartermaster
Weapons, armor, food, and potions —
everything a DragonSlayer needs for the hunt.

- Helping a Recruit

Special Ore
You need some special metal? Hmmmm… let's see what we can do!
- Heat Resistant Ore
- Tasks to be Completed

Red Fabric? seasonalsmall.png
The fiery red cloth is favored by Dragonslayers for its heat resistant properties. Please, take some with you!

- Crafting Quests

I can help you craft equipment here. As we learn more about what is happening in Ashfall, we will be able to craft more items.
- Material Crafting
- Drake Hunter
- Crimson Battle Mage
- Brimston Village Crafts
- Dragon Stalker

- Senna's Quests
- Senna's Shop
- Senna's Stitches
- Senna's Story
- Setting up Camp
- Buns



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