Senna's Story


Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Great! I can use this bile to make our gear more heat resistant.
Hero: Senna, how long have you been with the DragonSlayers?
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Years. Galanoth relies on me to keep his soldiers supplied and I don't want to let him down.
Hero: Galanoth seems… obsessed with slaying Dragons.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Yeah. You would be too if you had been through what he has.
Hero: What do you mean?
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): He doesn't talk about his past but I've heard rumors.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): They say his family was killed and village destroyed by a Great Fire Dragon years ago.
Hero: That explains a lot. Did he ever catch it?
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Yes. There was a long battle and both of them nearly killed each other.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): The Great Fire Dragon ran away to rest and heal.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Galanoth spent years training and hunting every dragon he could find, tracking that one.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): He's finally tracked it here. It's sleeping instead the heart of Mount Ashfall, the volcano.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Along the way he saved who he could and got a bunch of followers he never asked for.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): The DragonSlayer Order kind of formed around him, learning from him. Following his lead.
Hero: Did he save you?
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Yes, seven years ago. I wanted to repay him so I started helping the DragonSlayers however I could. Then I became one.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): I've always been good at finding things so Kord made me quartermaster.
Hero: It was a good call. This camp is really shaping up. So, what's next?
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Young dragons are called Dragonlings. One of them has been spying on our camp.
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): Think you can take it out? If you succeed the DragonSlayers will really take notice.

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