ShadowReaper of Doom (NPC)

Doom Weapon
*The Doom Weapon appears to speak directly into your mind*

I am rightfully yours. Wield me… power me….

The Axe of Doom Tale
*The Axe speaks directly to your mind, haunting you with your involvement in its birth…*

During Ravenspire's Moon Festival, <Hero> placed an axe into a stone and spoke the magic words. The words tore a rift between the Plane of Darkness and this world. A massive shadow creature entered the world.
Weakened by the ambient light of our world, it was vulnerable.
<Hero> slew the Shadow creature. Or at least, <he/she> believed <he/she> did. The shadow creature was reduced to a form which allowed it to take possession of the axe in the stone. This, of course, is how all Doom Weapons are created…. and their rightful owners established.
- 1 - Welcome to Ravenspire!
- 2 - Meeting the Duchess
- 3 - The Mysterious Stranger
- 4 - Time Travel
- 5 - Arriving in the Future
- 6 - Investigate Doomknight
- 7 - Return to Sirius
- 8 - Arriving in the Present
- 9 - Warning the Duchess
- 10 - About the Tournament
- 11 - Collecting Weapons
- 12 - The Axe
- 13 - Guardian Ghost
- 14 - Begin the Festival!
- 15 - The Magic Words
- 16 - Magic Words of DOOM
- 17 - Birth of a Doom Weapon
- 18 - The Weapon is Yours
- 19 - Finale talk to Sirius

Your Doom Weapon
The Shadow Reaper of Doom is yours to wield.
- Re-forge the weapon legacysmall.png
- Empower you Doom Weapon!

Sacrifice of Power
In order to obtain the final form of the ShadowReaper of Doom you must sacrifice a previously and similarly powered Anomaly Weapon.

Only once you have obtained your "Sacrifice of Power" will you be able to forge your final ShadowReaper of Doom upgrade.
- Sacrifice of Power

- Fully Powered ShadowReaper of Doom

Unlucky Doom Essence Quests
Defeat various foes to be rewarded with Unlucky Doom Essences, and utilize the essences to further upgrade your Doom Weapon.
- Unlucky Doom Essence: Daily
- Unlucky Doom Essence: Dungeon Crawler
- Unlucky Doom Essence: Dark Spirit Orbs
- Unlucky Doom Essence: Doom Guardian

Seeking further power…
If you seek power beyond what you have now
- An Echo of Doom

- Teleport to Sirius the Chronomancer (Teleports you to the entrance of Ravenspire (Day))

Note: This NPC appears after completing the 'Touch Axe' quest.


Note: Previously called "Shadow Reaper of Doom".

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