Shadowslayer W's Betrayal


Hero: Ok, the incense is working. So what now ?
ShadowSlayer W: I really must thank you for all of your help, <hero>.
ShadowSlayer W: Without you I couldn't have gotten this far.
Hero: What are you talking about ?
ShadowSlayer W: I needed that fur and fangs as components to the ritual…
ShadowSlayer W: … but I did not have time to get them myself.
Hero: About that, I don't think your protection ritual is working…
ShadowSlayer W: There is no protection ritual.
Hero: What?!
ShadowSlayer W: I have hunted these creatures my entire life.
ShadowSlayer W: I have always admired their strength, cunning, and power.
ShadowSlayer W: But in my studies, I discovered that both Lycans and Vampires had misunderstood Darkov's prophecy.
ShadowSlayer W: "Whoever, hold the Eye of Night during the Blood Moon…"
ShadowSlayer W: "…Will hold the power of vampires and lycans in their hands."
Hero: ShadowSlayer, what are you talking about ?
ShadowSlayer W: It was never about one side or the other winning the war.
ShadowSlayer W: It was about one person… one creature… becoming more than the sum of their parts.
ShadowSlayer W: On this night, during the blood moon, the Darkness Orb can grant someone the gifts of both races.
ShadowSlayer W: Holding the power of both Vampires and Lycans within themselves.
ShadowSlayer W: All that power… is now mine!

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