Sharken Problem


Lord Sekt: Well, what did you find?

Hero: Apparently, a weird sharken-like creature burrowed up from under the pyramid to invade the treasure room!
Hero: Likely taking the final piece of the lamp with it.

Lord Sekt: What?! That just sounds…
Lord Sekt: Wait — did you say "sharken-like creature"?
Lord Sekt: Why does that sound familiar?

Chombi: It's because a similar creature has been attacking our transport skiffs across the desert.
Chombi: Every time we send for reinforcements for our guards at the ruins, that creature attacks the skiffs.

Lord Sekt: That creature is a menace!
Lord Sekt: <Hero>, you must find this creature and stop it at once!
Lord Sekt: It's the only way to claim the final piece of the lamp.
Lord Sekt: Otherwise, there will be no chance of using the lamp to make a wish!

Hero: And how do you suppose I track this creature down?

Lord Sekt: With the help of the luckiest Skiffmaster in all of Sandsea — Skiffmaster Squint!

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