Shatterskull Tower


Skeleton (Undead Minion): !!!
NecroKnight (Shadowskull's Master): HAAAHAAHAHAA! (Obligatory evil undead mocking laughter echos through the tower.)
Skeleton (Undead Minion): Master! The heroes… they broke into the tower!
NecroKnight (Shadowskull's Master): Silence! Undead are not allowed to speak in this world!
Skeleton (Undead Minion): Ooooh, sorry…. ARRREEEEWWWWW!
NecroKnight (Shadowskull's Master): No hero has ever made it up here and left alive…
NecroKnight (Shadowskull's Master): Do you know why?
Skeleton (Undead Minion): ARREEEWWWW?
NecroKnight (Shadowskull's Master): No. LOL! Oh no… it has nothing to do with you.
NecroKnight (Shadowskull's Master): They're going to cleave through you like a chainsaw shredding butter….
NecroKnight (Shadowskull's Master): No, it's because when *I* look deep within any hero…
NecroKnight (Shadowskull's Master): I see a new undead minion just dying to be ripped free!

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