Shops Menu

Note: This menu can be accessed by clicking/tapping on a treasure chest icon located on the game HUD close to your class' skills.

See what's new!

- The Vengenator *Limited Time!* legacysmall.png
- Daily Treasure Chests
- *NEW!* Earth Day Items
- *NEW!* Eclipse Shop *until 04-24-2024*
- *NEW!* 2024 Dage Items

Must have completed the 'Moving In!' quest:
Housing Stuff
Get more stuff for your house here!
- Basic House Items
- B.U.I.L.D. House Items

Special Furniture Collections
Buy all kinds of fancy furniture packs here!
- Legion House Kit
- Wiggly's Furniture Shop
- Burger Hero Decorations
- 8-bit World Stuff

- Special Promo *until 09-04-2024* specialsmall.png
- Golden Vampragon! NEW! legacysmall.png
- Doggie Adoption legacysmall.png
- Potion Shop
- Get DragonCrystals
- Become a Guardian! Class, Gear, & Tower
Guardian Rewards guardiansmall.png
Well met Guardian. Thank you for being a protector of this world. You can access all of your Guardian shops here.
- Guardian Class Gear
- Dragon Guardian Class Gear
- Special Rewards

- Special Pets!
- Community Shop

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