Shrade (Cutscene)


Hero: What can you tell me about Shrade?
Hero: What is he? What does he want?
Dottie (High ArchCounselor): Golly, I don't know.
Dottie (High ArchCounselor): He's just always been part of of Camp Gonnagetcha life since my first day.
Dottie (High ArchCounselor): I've heard lots of stories but maybe you should look around and try to find clues to his mysteeeeerious origin!
Hero: How long HAVE you been coming here, Dottie?
Dottie (High ArchCounselor): Oh, I've been here for years. I took the camp over while earning my Conquest Badge when I was just a camper like you.
Hero: … Conquest Badge?
Dottie (High ArchCounselor): Yes! I was so proud when I finally earned it! Too bad only Zip and Ace were left to see it.
Dottie (High ArchCounselor): Now, I'm working on my Necromancy Badge!
Hero: Wait… can Counselors earn badges?
Dottie (High ArchCounselor): *TWITCH*… What do you mean? Of course we can, silly!
Hero: But… who gives you the badge?
Dottie (High ArchCounselor): *TWITCH, TWITCH*… I'm working SO HARD on my Necromancy Badge. I'll have it soon…

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