Siege of Souls


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Access Points:


  • ALL Transformations move at 160% movement speed in this location.
  • You can change your PvP Spells here.
  • The objective is to defeat the enemy team general (reach 750 points) to win or have more points before the 10 minute match timer has ran out.
  • You get points defeating monsters and players of the enemy team.
      • Brocas the Dreadstrider/Commander Morningstar: 750 Points
      • Turret: 75 Points
      • Big Bones/Pala-tron: 15 Points
      • Player: 5 Points
      • Hound/Wolf: 2 Points
      • Skelly/Revenant: 1 Point
  • All team generals and inner turrets start out with the 'Invulnerable' buff.
    • This buff can be removed by lowering the defenses of a team by destroying turrets that are connected to them.
    • Inner turrets lose the buff by destroying an outer turret on the left or right side.
      • Both inner turrets will lose the buff if the middle outer turret is destroyed.
    • A team general loses the buff by destoying one of the two inner turrets.
  • All players are able to gain the 'Fervor' buff by landing a killing blow on an enemy, it increases Attack and Max Health by 4%.
    • There are 3 spots with a Fervor Crystal that can be collected to gain 3 stacks.
      • These crystals have a 1 minute respawn timer.
      • The middle Fervor crystal spawns 20 seconds after a match has started.
    • The buff stacks up to 30 and 3 stacks are lost when a player is defeated or a player switches their class under 15 stacks of it.
      • Players who join an ongoing match will be given Fervor stacks based on the current time of the match, 3 stacks per 1 minute that has passed.
    • The buff also increases the size of player characters, making it easier to spot who has stacks of it.
  • When the match is over, you get to see the results screen which lists the following statistics:
    • Kills
    • Deaths
    • Assists
    • Damage Dealt
    • Healing Done
    • Zones Captured
  • You will be rewarded the following after each match:
    • Gold
    • Marks of Glory
    • Character Exp
    • Class Exp
    • Class Glory
  • Winners get 100% of the rewards and losers get 50% of the rewards.

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