Weapon Vendor
Only in Sandsea can you find weapons as good as these.

Who are you?
Consider yourself among the few who have not yet heard of the great Simmi-Tar, the best weapons craftsman of the Sandsea. I specialize in custom work, so come to me with rare materials to make some trulyh exquisite.

- Weapon Shop
- Weapon Crafting
- Material Scouting: The Desert
- Material Scouting: The Pyramids

Material Scouting: Sharken Parts
You really took down a Sharken?! Wow… Did you save Sharken Parts for your old friend Simmi-Tar? I'd be happy to take them off your hands for some Bastion Bucks and Gold.
- Turn In Sharken Parts
- Turn In Void Sharken Parts

Location: Bastion

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