Siphoning Crystals


Hero: There, that must be Thyton's contact…
Hero: With a disguise like that… There's no doubt.
Thyton's Contact (Mysterious Master of Disguise?): Ah! You're Thyton's partner! I'm surprised you could pick me out so easily.
Hero: Yeah… That hat really throws off suspicion…
Thyton's Contact (Mysterious Master of Disguise?): Ahah! Yes, I am known by my fellow mages in Arcangrove as a bit of an enigma that's WRAPPED in a mystery!
Hero: Right, so uh… Thyton said you had information to share about-
Thyton's Contact (Mysterious Master of Disguise?): The Bane! Yes, the Bane… It seems those purple hoodlums have been placing siphoning crystals all around Lore to draw our world's magic for their own purposes, how horrific!
Hero: That's not good at all.
Thyton's Contact (Mysterious Master of Disguise?): No! It's horrible! There are 4 crystals in total. What's worse is the leader of this operation against Lore, Murin, is setting up a home in the Westmere Mine!
Thyton's Contact (Mysterious Master of Disguise?): Here, I've written down where every siphoning crystal is located. Once you finish destroying them, return to Thyton.
Hero: So, I've gotta go break their toys and evict them from the mine? That's good, I've got a knack for busting up the playthings of baddies.

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