Sir Aldric

Guardian Highlord
The VOIDRAKAR are attacking the Keep! The Guardians are holding them off… we must stop them from discovering the secret hidden inside.

What is a Guardian?
Wielding the power of the ancient dragons, Guardians are the sworn defenders of this world.

Our base, the Guardian Tower, is located not far from here in the legendary town of Battleon.

(NOTE: Becoming a Guardian is the best way to support AdventureQuest 3D's weekly releases. It is a one-time fee that unlocks a class, armors, weapons, access to the Guardian Tower, and a bonus storyline that will span across the game.)
- Become a Guardian

Get Guardian Gear
It is an honor to fight by your side, Guardian. You will forge your very own Guardian Blade in the town of Battleon's Guardian Tower. Until then, I would like you wield this Guardian Blade.
- Aldric's Guardian Blade
- Guardian Class Gear
- Dragon Guardians

- Equip Guardian Class

- Travel to Battleon! (Teleports you near the bridge of Battleon Town in Battleon Town Gates)

Location: Dragonwatch Village
Note: Previously called "Aldric".

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